WordPress Maintenance Plans

Full Service Support

With the state of cyber security, it is of the utmost importance to keep you WordPress website up to date.

An out of date plugin or theme could be just the opening a hacker is looking for. Once they find the opening they could compromise your whole website.

Updates and maintenance can almost seem like a full time job. For those who don’t want to take the time to keep their website up to date and secure we have our WordPress Maintenance Plans.

With our WordPress monthly plans we will keep your site up to date. This includes your theme, plugins and WordPress itself. We also make sure there are off site backups of your site.

When a plugin or theme update breaks your site we will also make changes to fix your site and if it can’t be fixed with the update we will roll it back to a known good version.

Need more help with your site? Our Manage plan includes all of the updating and features of the Maintain plan but also includes website edits and other small jobs. This could be installing a new plugin for you or even adding custom code to enable a function.

If your site gets hacked while on our Manage plan we will clean and restore your site for free no matter how long it takes.

Some examples of jobs included in the Manage plan:

  • Domain email configuration and audit (Make sure your emails reach the inbox)
  • Install Google Analytics code on site (Do you have GA4 yet?)
  • Fix theme display issues
  • Change font size sitewide
  • Remove old tables from database
  • Image optimization strategy (Using a plugin is not the right strategy)
  • Reconfigure caching plugin for optimal speed
  • Add code from your ads manager
  • Consult on Google Search Console indexation issues
  • Content strategy consultation
  • Install email opt-in forms
  • Much much more

If you are interested, see our WordPress care plans pricing below.


  • Weekly Updates
  • Daily Off Site Backups
  • Failed Update Repair


  • Maintain Plan Features
  • Website Edits
  • Jobs Under 30 Minutes
  • Hack Fixes
  • Site Improvement Suggestions

One Off Job

  • WordPress Fixes
  • Hack Fixes
  • Speed Optimization
  • Domain Email Setup
  • No Monthly Commitment