Passionate Team. Awesome WordPress Support.

Iridium Hosting was founded to fill a gap in the market. Many big box hosting companies don’t truly support WordPress. They develop their infrastructure around generic software requirements and only provide support if a server fails. They don’t specifically make their infrastructure for WordPress even if you can run WordPress on it.

At Iridium Hosting, we only support WordPress. Our support staff has years of experience with WordPress. Our infrastructure is designed with only WordPress in mind. We care about speed and security for your WordPress based site.

When you come to us with a problem we won’t just stop at saying it is a problem with your site. Since everyone has WordPress experience, we will give suggestions and guidance to help your find the problem. If you have one of our WordPress Maintenance Plans we will even fix your site’s problem for you.

Meet Our Founder


I’m Dustin Hyle – an engineer and the guy behind Iridium Hosting.

I’ve been using WordPress since 2007. Building websites for clients and helping them solve issues related to hosting, email and WordPress.

I have managed servers at both Amazon and Microsoft. Other places too but you probably haven’t heard of them.

Now I am ready to host your WordPress site and help you with any issues that may arise.

Our Values

1. Support our customers. Provide them with the experience they are lacking at other hosts.

2. Honesty, if a client is better suited elsewhere tell them. Not one company fits all.

3. Focus on value. Not being cheap but giving the customer more for their money.

4. Provide the best possible speed and security for the customer’s website.